Juventus and Manchester United Debut New Third Shirts, but Not Shorts

Both Juventus and Manchester United debuted their stunning 'Spark in the Night' third jerseys by Adidas last night, but not the unique gradient shorts that originally come with them. What happened to those 'board shorts'?, many people watching must have asked themselves.

Juventus Sport Alternative Shorts and Socks against Manchester City

Álvaro Morata is seen wearing the Juventus third jersey in the Champions League match against Manchester City.

Whereas some leagues are lax about stuff like clashing short colors, Champions League takes things very seriously, as demonstrated with last night's make-shift shorts worn by Juventus. The black shorts are originally alternative home shorts, evidenced by the white Adidas stripes and numbers printed on them.

Manchester United were better prepared in their match away against PSV Eindhoven, donning alternative white shorts and black socks, both utilizing the striking Solar Red of the original third kit.

Nevertheless, Adidas will not have liked the look of two of their biggest teams in last night's matches, with the striking shorts being the premier feature of the Chelsea, Juventus and Manchester United third kits.

How did you like Juventus' improvised all-black look at Manchester City as well as United's more-well prepared alt look at PSV? Let us know in the comments below.