Mystery Adidas Prototype Boots Leaked

We have no idea what they are. Instagram user @mania_expert has shown off a mysterious Black / White Adidas Prototype Boot featuring a never-seen-before design.

Update 16/12/15: Mania Expert has posted a slightly better picture of what is definitely the most mysterious boot of the year. Is there now anybody out there who can solve the mystery? If so, please let us know in the comments below. (We want to solve the mystery before the end of the year).

Mania Expert is famous for his one-of-a-kind collection of football boots and already leaked a never-released colorway of the first-generation Adidas Primeknit Soccer Cleats. Originally scheduled to be released in April 2015, the Solar Green Adidas Primeknit Football Boots would have been an awesome paint job. But now let's get into the mystery Adidas Prototype Cleats.

Mysterious Adidas Prototype Cleat Black / White

This is the strange Adidas Prototype Boot.

The Black / White Adidas Prototype Football Boots are totally different to any actual Adidas Boot we've seen before. The mysterious Adidas Prototype Boot combines a white mesh-like material with a black leather-like upper material - unique.

And while @mania_expert usually knows everything about his rare Prototype Boots, didn't know what exactly he has received this time.

"Got these Adidas samples today and I'm still wondering what these could be. Primeknits? They have sample size UK 8,5 and weigh 186gr without insoles. The upper is a mix of somekind of kanga lite leather and mesh/primeknit. The production date is 09/14. Please help me to find out what these are!"

So let's try to help out. The early production date (September 2014) reveals that the mysterious Adidas Prototype Cleats were already produced one year ago. This means that's it's either a really early prototype for a totally new boot or just an one-off project to test an idea that will never go into production.

Tech-wise, the mysterious Adidas Prototype Boot is certainly the most interesting thing we've seen this year. Weighing in at just 186 gram, the strange Adidas Prototype Boot combines a mesh-like material for fit and lightweight with a layer of super soft leather for ball control. It looks like the perfect combination of fit, touch and lightweight.

We would love to get our hands on these boots. Have you an idea what exactly they are? Let us know in the comments below.