What Are Those? New Nissan Campaign Is Not So Fussy About Football Boots

Your needs have changed, so has Nissan. The new Nissan campaign to promote the debut of the Nissan NP300 Navara pickup at tomorrow's Frankfurt Motor Show refers back to old and new football boots, but the Japanese company seems to be not very familiar with soccer cleats.

The Europe-bound Navara pickup will be introduced at Frankfurt Motor Show on September 15 after the car was officially released last month. Nissan official claim "striking design, refinement, innovative technologies and car-like efficiency mean the NP300 Navara will set a new benchmark in the one-ton pick-up market." But it are those boots that caught out interest.

New Nissan Campaign Shows False Old 'Football Boot' and Cheap Boot

Here is the new Nissan campaign to promote the launch of the Nissan NP300 Navara.

Let's get right into this. The left boot of the new Nissan campaign, which is supposed to show an old soccer cleat from 1934, is actually an American Football Boot. The right boot is not a cutting-edge boot, but a cheap version of a boot released not in 2015 but two years ago.

And here are the details. The left boot shows an image of an old American Football Cleat worn by Green Pay Packers first coach Curly Lambeau, who managed the club from 1919 to 1949. The famous coach played for the Green Pay Packers between 1919-1929, and the boot is the only Lambeau game worn item that came to market in 2013. So it's not a football boot but an American Football Boot.

However, at least the actual release date could be right as research dates this item exclusively to the 1929-43 era which matches Lambeau’s tenure with the Packers. So let's find out more abut the cutting-edge boots.

The orange and yellow boot is actually showing an edited image of the cheap Nike Hypervenom Phade Boots, which were released in 2013. Retailing at a price of 50 Euro, the Nike Hypervenom Phade Cleats are anything but a 'benchmark football boot'.

Nissan has done almost everything wrong, and the Japanese brand is even an official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League. Let us know what you think in the comments below.