Nike Mercurial Royal Gold Concept Boots by Nick Texeira

This would be a stunning boot. Graphic designer Nick Texeira has created an awesome Nike Mercurial Concept Soccer Cleat, the Nike Mercurial 'Royal Gold'.

Nick Texeira previously created 18 Fashion-Inspired Concept Kits for teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, while he now takes his first steps in the world of football boots.

Nike Mercurial Royal Gold Black / Metallic Gold

This is the Nike Mercurial Vapor Royal Gold Concept Cleat.

The Nike Mercurial 'Royal Gold' Concept Soccer Boots combine a blackout upper with a metallic golden sole plate to create a beautiful design that would make a bold statement on the pitch. But is there a lot of Nick Texeira's work behind this boot?

The blackout upper of the Nike Mercurial 'Royal Gold' Football Boot is just taken from the blackout Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 Academy Pack Boots, which were released in late April 2014, and the metallic golden sole plate is taken from the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Cristiano Ronaldo 2013 FIFA Ballon'd'Or Boots.

However, the Nike Mercurial Royal Gold Concept Football Boots are still beautiful. Would you get the Nike Mercurial Royal Gold Concept Boots if they would be ever released? Let us know in the comments section below.