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Our Top 10 Nike Arsenal Kits

Arsenal switched to Puma after wearing Nike Football Kits for 20 years two and a half year ago. And while the first Nike Arsenal Kits not really were the best of the best, the US-giant designed many Arsenal Kits which became instant classics. We take a look at the best Arsenal kits ahead of Sunday's North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham.

Arsenal and Nike can look back at a successful partnership. While Arsenal failed to win the UEFA Champions League, Arsenal's Invincible went unbeaten in the league from May 2003 to October 2004 to make history. So let's take a look at our all-time favorite Nike Arsenal Kits.

10 | Arsenal 1995/1996 Away Kit

We had to include one kit of the 1990s to showcase an example of one of the first Nike Arsenal Kits. The Arsenal 1995-1996 Away Kit introduced a bold design for the Gunners, which divided football fans. It's not the best-ever Arsenal Nike Shirt, but a great example of the Arsenal Kits in the 1990s featuring the typical designs of that decade - anything but the best kits ever designed.

9 | Arsenal 2002-2003 Away Kit

It's bold. Arsenal's 02-03 Away Shirt boasts a spectacular design that we all remember. The most innovative Arsenal Shirt introduced the new Arsenal crest and a striking geometrical fade pattern. It's definitely one of the most remarkable Arsenal Kits ever produced, so it had to be present.

8 | Arsenal 2010/2011 Away Kit

It's that combination. The Arsenal 10-11 Away Shirt combines the main color yellow with maroon applications, a throwback to Arsenal’s history when they were known as Woolwich Arsenal. It features a modern design with subtle pinstripes. Combined with maroon shorts and yellow socks, Arsenal's 10-11 Away Kit is beautiful.

7 | Arsenal 2001/2002 Away Kit

A golden kit for Arsenal. The gold Arsenal 2001-02 Away Kit is already a classic featuring the remarkable logo of shirt sponsor Sega. If Nike would have ditched some of the applications and design elements, it could easily be in our Top 3.

6 | Arsenal 2002-2004 Home Kit

It's nothing special. However, the Arsenal 2002-2004 Home Kit was worn in Arsenal's famous season when the Gunners were unbeaten for 49 Premier League games. For us, it's one of the most iconic Nike Arsenal Home Shirts that we'll never forgot.

5 | Arsenal 2007/2008 Away Kit

Clean as clean can be. The Arsenal 07-08 Away Shirt introduced a stylish design for the North London club. Celebrating the pioneering spirit of legendary Arsenal manager Herbert Chapman, the Arsenal 2007-2008 Away Jersey incorporates a tonal print in a horizontal stripe and is 'detailing many of Chapman's groundbreaking innovations which among others include the introduction of the white ball, rubber studs and numbered shirts.'

4 | Arsenal 2005/2006 Away Kit

Worn in the 2006 UEFA Champions League Final against FC Barcelona, Arsenal's 05-06 Away Kit could have become the most iconic kit in the history of the club. Often underestimated amongst club supporters, we have fallen in love with Arsenal's beautiful yellow and navy away shirt.

3 | Arsenal 2007/2008 Third Kit

It's getting serious now. The Arsenal 07-08 Third introduced a fresh horizontal stripes design combining the unusual colors maroon and navy with gold applications to create a classy design. The classic collar with golden trim rounds off the almost-perfect design of our favorite Nike Arsenal Away Shirt.

2 | Arsenal 2010/2011 Home Kit

That's an Arsenal Kit. The 70s-style shirt is made up of a block red body with a white round neck collar. Inside the shirt on the back of the crest is Arsenal’s motto: “Victoria, Concordia, Crescit”. It's simple. It's beautiful. It's the perfect Arsenal Home Kit.

1 | Arsenal 2005/2006 Home Kit

When a kit radically changes, it's often rejected by fans. Nike produced a design for Arsenal’s final season at Highbury stadium featuring a totally new design. Instead of the traditional bright red shirt and white sleeves, Arsenal's 2005-06 Home Kit combines a redcurrant-colored shirt with golden applications to create a classy design, inspired by the kit worn during their first season at Highbury in 1913. Our all-time favorite Nike Arsenal Kit.

Do you agree? Let us know what's your favorite Nike Arsenal Kit in the comments below. We are excited to hear your opinion.