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Totally New Adidas Ace 16 Tekkers Boots Released

Update 27/01/2016: Adidas yesterday again launched the boots with a video featuring the F2 Freestylers.

The totally new Adidas Tekkers 2016 Boots are made for small-sided games on all surfaces. Introducing a revolutionary new sole plate for small-sided football, the new Adidas TKRZ Indoor and Turf Soccer Shoes are available from November 27, 2015.

Current boots for small-sided games are either designed for games on street and indoor courts (IC - Indoor Court) and Artificial Grass and Turf (TF - Turf). The all-new Adidas Tekkers Football Shoes are made to be used on any artificial surface - street, indoor, turf and artificial grass.

Adidas Ace 16+ TKRZ Black / Shock Pink / Dark Grey

This is the totally new Adidas Tekkers Indoor and Turf Shoe.

The Adidas Tekkers 2016 Football Boots are made for ultimate control featuring a synthetic upper, exclusively engineered for small-sided games. The ultra-thin upper of the Adidas Tekkers Soccer Shoes is combined with a new upper construction for increased stability.

For additional comfort, the new Adidas Tekkers Soccer Shoes feature an elastic tongue with a remarkable lacing system.

The Black / Shock Pink / Dark Grey launch colorway of the Adidas TKRZ Indoor, Street and Turf Football Shoes combines the understated colors black and silver with striking pink applications. The famous Three Stripes are placed on the heel area of the Adidas Tekkers Boots, while the inner sole features the pink lettering "tkrz".

But it's all about the sole plate. The unique outsole of the Adidas Tekkerz Boots features an all-new design that combines seven pink studs with a unique geometrical construction, made for stability and traction on street, indoor courts, turf and artificial grass. The Adidas Tekkers Boots is the first-ever small-sided football boot suitable for any surfaces.

Where does the name of the new Adidas TKRZ Shoes comes from? Tekkers basically means technique, and the new Adidas Tekkers Boots are all about technique and control in 5-a-side football. So it all makes sense.

The Black / Shock Pink / Dark Grey Adidas Ace 16 Tekkers Boot retails at a price of 150 Euro (150 USD, 120 GBP) and are available from November 27, 2015, at selected retailers.

The small-sided revolution. What do you think of the all-new Adidas Ace 16+ Tekkers Boots? Let us know in the comments section below.