Under Armour - Slay Your Next Giant

Under Armour have released their first global football advertisement, featuring Manchester United winger Memphis Depay and his customized laces.

Under Armour - Slay Your Next Giant

Watch the Slay Your Next Giant video below.

Starring Manchester United and Netherlands star Memphis Depay, the video shows him and four young up-and-coming players from around the world as they finish an accomplishment they've worked towards, written on the laces of their boots.

Big or small, something stands in your way.They are then seen inserting a new pair of laces in their boots, ready to go out again and tackle their next target. The're just getting started.

"This campaign feels very personal for me as I start my first Premier League season," said Memphis Depay. "I have a lot of giants to slay in the coming months, but I'm feeling more than ready to take on every obstacle and challenge that's presented to me. It's how I've always played and lived — it defines me on and off the pitch."

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