Under Armour Speedform Memphis Depay Camouflage Boots Revealed

Breaking. Under Armour just revealed a unique Under Armour Speedform Camouflage Memphis Depay Boot, exclusively designed for Man Utd's striker. Memphis Depay is set to debut the bold Under Armour Camouflage Soccer Boots in tomorrow's match against Liverpool.

Under Armour already revealed various signature boots for their cover star in the past months, including a Gold / Orange Under Armour Speedform boot (worn when playing for the Dutch national team) and the Under Armour DreamChaser Boots for Depay's first Premier League matches.

Under Armour Speedform Memphis Depay Camouflage Cleat

This is the new Under Armour Speedform Memphis Depay Camouflage Football Boot.

The new Under Armour Speedform Memphis Depay Camouflage Boot introduces a bold design for the Dutch striker to stand out on the pitch. The Under Armour Memphis Camouflage Soccer Boots feature a unique military camouflage all-over graphic pattern.

Under Armour combines the military green camouflage look with striking orange laces and brandings, while the inner sole is yellow. The outsole of the Under Armour Memphis Depay 2015-2016 Camouflage Boots is also orange.

Tech-wise, the Under Armour Speedform Camouflage Boots offer the same innovations as the regular model. Made for speed, the Under Armour Speedform Cleats feature an one-piece synthetic upper with with articulated toe box, and weigh in at 7.4 oz. / 209 g with a lightweight sole plate.

Interestingly, Memphis Depay laced up in the classic Black / White Under Armour Speedform Leather Boots in today's Manchester United training session. So it's not certain that the Dutchman will debut the new Under Armour Speedform Camouflage Cleats in tomorrow's derby against Liverpool.

Bold boots for a unique player. What do you think of the new Under Armour Memphis Depay Camouflage Boots? Let us know in the comments below, and watch out for Memphis Depay's Boots in tomorrow's Premier League clash against Liverpool.