1. FC Köln 2015 Karneval Kit Released

Upping the already unusual look of last year's Köln Carnival Kit, the design of the new 1. FC Köln 2015 Karneval Jersey is absolutely nuts, replicating the look of a traditional carnival uniform. The new Cologne Carnival Shirt is made by Erima and will be worn by the Bundesliga team in the match against Mainz next month.

Köln 2015-2016 Carnival Kit

This is the unique 1. FC Köln 2015 Karneval Shirt by Erima.

Mostly red, the new Cologne Carnival Jersey is designed to replicate the look of the oldest carnival society in Cologne, "Rote Funken" (red sparks). It features stylized tassels and buttons on red ground, while it features white sleeve cuffs and a 'jabot' design below the traditional collar in white.

White shorts and black socks complete the outrageous Köln 2015 Karneval Kit, again following the style of the Rote Funken carnival uniform.

The original Rote Funken uniform is a persiflage of Prussian militarism, with the colors drawing inspiration from the uniform worn by Köln city soldiers in the 18th century.

Both 1. FC Köln and Erima voiced their enthusiasm about the design, with the club stating they'd be "sure that the symbiosis of a football kit and a traditional carnival uniform will be very popular among our supporters."

What do you think of the Köln 2015 Carnival Kit? Absolute bonkers or a great statement of tradition? Let us know in the comments below.