Adidas Futurecraft 3D: Will We Soon See the First 3D Printed Football Boot?

Adidas yesterday unveiled what they called the future of performance footwear with the Futurecraft 3D, a "unique 3D printed midsole for running shoes which can be tailored to the cushioning needs of an individual's foot". What's this all about?

The Adidas Futurecraft 3D Concept Running Shoe is part of the 'Futurecraft series', a new initiative lead by Adidas that "places open source collaboration and craftsmanship at the heart of design" to change the production of performance footwear forever.

Adidas Futurecraft 3D Concept Running Shoe

This is the Adidas Futurecraft 3D Concept running shoe.

Designed to offer individualized support and cushioning for every foot, the Adidas Futurecraft 3D running shoe will take the running shoe standard to the next level, claims Adidas. What makes Adidas so confident that Futurecraft 3D is the running shoe revolution?

The ambition of the 3D-printed running shoe is that athletes can visit an Adidas store, running on a treadmill and instantly getting a personalized 3D-printed running shoe that perfectly fits their needs.

"Futurecraft 3D is a prototype and a statement of intent. We have used a one-of-its-kind combination of process and material in an entirely new way. Our 3D-printed midsole not only allows us to make a great running shoe, but also to use performance data to drive truly bespoke experiences, meeting the needs of any athlete," said Eric Liedtke, Executive Board Member of adidas AG, responsible for Global Brands.

But what's even more important for us is the question if there will ever be personalized football boots using Adidas Futurecraft 3D.

Will Adidas Use Futurecraft 3D For Football Boots

Adidas announced that the first running shoe is not the end of the story, but the first chapter of the Adidas Futurecraft series, which "demonstrates the brand's commitment to innovating throughout all areas of production".

Additionally, the German brand revealed that they will announce more groundbreaking designs in the coming six months. So it's well possible that Adidas will reveal a football related product made using 3D-printed technology.

In fact, Nike released the world's first 3D-printed performance sports bag ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Made exclusively for Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Nike Football Rebento duffle bag introduced a 3D printed base, inspired by the sole plates of the Nike Magista Obra and Nike Mercurial Superfly.

"Futurecraft is our sandbox. It is how we challenge ourselves every day to explore the boundaries of our craft. Driving material and process innovation, bringing the familiar into the future. Marrying the qualities of handcrafting and prototyping with the limitless potential of new manufacturing technologies. Futurecraft is stripped back – fast, raw and real – it is our approach to design," said Paul Gaudio, Creative Director, adidas.

What is certain is that 3D-printed hardware offers unprecedented levels of customization for any kind of products, including football boots.