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Black / White Adidas X Leather 2015-2016 Boots Released

The new black / mint Adidas X 2015-2016 Leather Boots introduce an unusual design for the leather version of the Adidas X Cleats, launched on December 1, 2015.

Many professionals, including Manchester United's Bastian Schweinsteiger, Bayern Munich's Thomas Müller and Jordi Alba of FC Barcelona, are wearing the leather variant of the Adidas X 15 Boots. They'll start sporting the Black / Shock Mint Adidas X Boots from November 2015.

Adidas X 15 Leather - Black / Shock Mint / White

This is the new Adidas X 2015-2016 K-Leather Boot in the black / white / mint colorway.

Based on the design of the first Adidas X 15 Leather Boot, unveiled in May 2015, the black Adidas X 2015-2016 K-Leather Soccer Boots are entirely black apart from the X-Cage design on the lateral side, which is white with mint details. The laces of the black / white Adidas X Boots are pink, while the Adidas and X logos are colored in Shock Mint.

Just like the previous Adidas X Leather Boot releases, the upcoming black / mint Adidas X 15-16 Leather Boots boast soft kangaroo-leather in the forefoot area, while the rear part is made of synthetic material. The remarkable stitching pattern in the leather part of the Adidas X 15 K-Leather Boots allows for better flexibility in that area.

Identical to that of the synthetic Adidas X 15 Boots, the soleplate of the black Adidas X 15 K-Leather Football Cleats features triangular-shaped studs with an added 2nd layer of spikes to allow the boots to be used both on firm grass and artificial grass. Additionally, a SG (soft ground) version of the Black / Shock Mint / White Adidas X Leather Boots will be launched.

Released on December 1, 2015, the black / white Adidas X Leather Cleats retail at 200 € (£155). A synthetic and Primeknit version of the same colorway will also be available.

What do you think of the new Black / Shock Mint Adidas X 15.1 Leather Football Boots? Let us know in the comments below.