First Nike 2016 Goalkeeper Gloves Leaked

The first Nike 2016 Goalkeeper Gloves Collection introduces a classic design for the cutting-edge Nike Keeper Gloves, set to be released in late December 2015.

Joe Hart (Nike Vapor Grip 3) and Tim Howard (Nike Vapor Grip 3), who are one of the few goalkeepers wearing Nike Football Boots and Goalkeeper Gloves, will switch to the new black, white and grey Nike 2016 Gloves in late 2015.

Nike 2016 Goalkeeper Gloves

This is the new Nike Goalkeeper Premier Glove.

The new Nike 2016 Goalkeeper Gloves combine the understated colors black, white and grey with striking green details. Compared to the previous colorways of the Nike Goalkeeper Gloves, the first Nike 2016 Keeper Gloves are anything but bold.

Nike will offer three different top models featuring the understated colors of the first paint job for the new year. The Nike Goalkeeper Confidence Goalkeeper Glove (150 USD), the Nike Goalkeeper Premier SGT Glove (130 USD) as well as the Nike Goalkeeper Vapor Glove (120 USD).

Tech-wise, each glove of the first Nike 2016 Goalkeeper Collection offers the same features a previous paint jobs.

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