Manchester City Fans to Have Say on New Badge

English Premier League club Manchester City yesterday announced that they are to consult with supporters over a possible redesign of the club's badge.

Man City had three key badges since the 1930s, while the present design of the crest has been used since 1997 as their old design was ineligible for registration as a trademark. Previously, the Citizens used the City of Manchester's Coat of Arms as club crest.

Manchester City Fans to Consult With Fans Over Redesign of Club Badge

For the next four weeks, Manchester City fans will be asked to fill out a questionnaire "in which they will be asked their views, including which elements they feel are most authentic to, and reflective of, the Club and the City of Manchester itself." The consultation process will begin at 9.00am ahead of the home game versus Bournemouth.

City's chief executive, Ferran Soriano, said: "The badge is the most visual representation of Manchester City and is so central to our heritage. We are looking for our fans to share their views as to what they consider to be the most authentic symbols of the club."

Additionally, there will be also free lectures from Manchester football historian Gary James.

Over the years, one of the few constants at Manchester City has been discussion about the badge. Today is no different," he declared. "This Club knows how important its heritage is to its fans and I have been impressed with the commitment to keeping them at the centre of this project. I am looking forward to being part of the consultation process."

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