Whiteout Puma King II 2015-2016 Boots Released

Clean as clean can be. The new limited edition whiteout Puma King II Football Boots introduce a puristic design for Puma's modern heritage cleat, officially released on October 9.

While the Puma King Boots was worn by such iconic players such as Diego Maradona and Lothar Matthäus, the new limited edition whiteout Puma King 2015 Soccer Cleats will receive no high-profile on pitch player support. That actually means we won't see them very often after the launch.

Puma King II White / White / White

This is the new whiteout Puma King II LE 2015-2016 Soccer Boot.

The Puma King II Triple White Boot features a crisp design. Combining a completely white base with subtle metallic silver details for the Formstripe, the flawless look of the whiteout Puma King II Boots is not made for the muddy surfaces of the fall season.

Tech-wise, the whiteout edition of the Puma King II Cleats offers the same features as the launch paint job of Puma's Heritage Boot. Made for comfort and touch, the Puma king II Boot has a super soft K-leather upper while weighing in at just 225 grams - extremely light for a leather boot.

Puma achieve this lightweight design with a modern Pebax sole plate, which comes with conical and triangular studs. The Puma King II LE Whiteout Edition is only launched as FG version, made for firm ground surfaces.

The white Puma King II LE Football Boots retail at a price of 150 USD (130 GBP, 170 Euro) and are already available at selected retailers.

Is there anybody out there who don't like this classy boot? Let us know in the comments section below.