Manchester City to Release New Club Crest - First Designs Details Revealed

Manchester City yesterday announced that they are designing a new club crest following consultation with their fans. And while Man City not only announced that they have decided to redesign the existing club badge, the Premier League club also revealed the first details of the upcoming crest.

Manchester City had had three major badges since the 1930s, while they adopted the current crest as their old design was ineligible for registration as a trademark.

Manchester City Crest to Return to Round Shape

Manchester City had three major badges in their history.

After Manchester City analyzed all responses they received from the fans consultation, it was confirmed what previously also has been almost certain. First, there is an overwhelming desire amongst Cityzens for the badge to evolve and second, a round design is by far the most popular shape.

Manchester City also announced they have already started to work on the new club crest, which "will most authentically reflect both Manchester City Football Club and the city of Manchester" while also taking into account the feedback received during the consultation.

Kevin Parker, General Secretary of the Manchester City FC Supporters Club, said:

"I am delighted that the Club consulted with the fans about our most important symbol. It is impressive that they canvassed our opinions on this matter and that they want to reflect our feedback in the ultimate design.

"On a personal note, while the Eagle badge will rightly live on in fans' hearts, minds and on football kits for all that it has come to symbolize over the years, I am pleased that we will once again see the round design which has twice featured in our past badges."

Manchester City will reveal the new Manchester City logo with all Cityzens members as the badge design is completed, while it will be publicly revealed afterwards.