Adidas Euro 2016 Referee Kits Released

The new Adidas Referee 16 Jerseys introduce a understated design for the 2016 Euro in France. The new Adidas Referee Euro 2016 Kits were released in early December 2015.

Adidas Referee 16 Jersey

This is the yellow Adidas Referee 2016 Kit.

Designed not to stand out on the pitch, the brand-new Adidas Referee 16 Jersey features a unremarkable design with a tone-one-tone Adidas logo and no 3 stripes. Apart from that, the Adidas Referee Kit for the Euro 2016 comes with a unique collar that is constructed from two independent parts, and a subtle line that runs down the sleeves of the shirt.

The new Adidas Referee 16 Jersey is available in four different color combinations (Black / White, Shock Yellow / Black, Blue Glow / Black and Shock Red / Black).

All paint jobs of the Adidas Euro 2016 Referee Kit are combined with black shorts and socks in the respective color of the shirt.

The brand-new Adidas Referee 16 Jersey retails at 50 Euro (55 USD) for the short sleeve version and 55 Euro for the long sleeve version. It is already available at selected retailers.

Understated. What do you think of the new Adidas Euro 2016 Referee Jersey? Let us know in the comments section below.