Adidas Nativo 2016 MLS Ball Released

Officially unveiled today, the 2016 MLS ball is made by Adidas and continues to be based on the 2014 World Cup Ball panel shape-wise.

Adidas Nativo - 2016 MLS Ball

This is the new Adidas 2016 MLS match ball.

Following on this year's MLS ball, the new 2016 MLS ball is again called "Nativo", "nod to the ball's stature in the game and pride in the domestic league." The design also shows similar inspiration, with both the United States and Canada represented through stars and maple leafs, respectively.

The MLS logo is also visible on the Adidas Nativo 2016 MLS football, this time in a monochromatic, black version, while the signature of Commissioner Don Garber also has its place on the ball.

Tech-wise, based on the Adidas Brazuca, the Adidas 2016 MLS soccer ball features six panels and an upper structure that was designed to offer improved stability and symmetry in flight.

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