Was This a Kit Clash? The Unfortunate Kit Combination in Monday Night's Premier League Match

Was this an actual kit clash? Everton faced Crystal Palace in yesterday night's Premier League match. And while the Toffees failed to win their third home match in a row, it was the unfortunate choice of the kits that caught our attention.

While Everton entered the pitch wearing their usual combination of a blue shirt, white shorts and white socks, Crystal Palace's players wore exactly the opposite combination. And as the blue color of Everton's shirt and Crystal Palace's short and socks was also almost identical, it was definitely hard to distinguish the players of both teams, especially in tight situations such as free kicks and corners. Could this kit clash have been easily avoided?

As Crystal Palace just released a new home (blue and red) and away shirt (white) ahead of the season, the easiest option would have been to wear last season's yellow away kit to avoid any problems. But instead of carrying over their yellow 14-15 away kit in the new season as third kit, the Premier League club went into the season with just two kits.

It remains Premier League's secret why they did not force Crystal Palace to wear their old away kit to avoid the easily avoidable. Do you think that it was an actual kit clash? Let us know in the comments below.