Limited-Edition "Fluid Black" Adidas X 15.1 2016 Boots Released

Adidas just released the stunning Adidas X Fluid Black Edition. The blackout boots are available from tomorrow.

Introduced ahead of the 2015 Champions League final, the Adidas X is marketed as the soccer cleat for players who cause chaos on the pitch, headlined by the likes of Luis Suárez and Thomas Müller. The second generation of the Adidas X will be unveiled in time for Euro 2016.

Fluid Black Adidas X 15.1 - Black / Black Green Metallic

This is the truly unique Fluid Black Adidas X 15.1.

The Fluid Black Adidas X boots are completely black, while they feature a reflective, Black Green Metallic finish for the X cage and a number of lines that run along the sides of the boot. All brandings also feature the metallic paint, creating a unique new look for the Adidas X 15 boot.

Tech-wise, the Fluid Black Adidas X 15.1 cleat is based on the standard edition of the Adidas X 15.1, featuring a lightweight and thin synthetic upper that offers flexibility and ball control. It's combined with the external X cage on each side, designed to improve stability and a heightened collar to create a sock-like feel.

The FG/AG sole plate of the Fluid Black Adidas X 15.1 cleats is constructed to work and offer traction on both natural and artificial surfaces.

Set to be available from March 14, the Fluid Black Adidas X 15 football shoes retail at a slightly higher price than the regular edition, 220 USD.

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