New Manchester City Crest Revealed

The new Manchester City 16-17 badge was revealed prior to today's Boxing Day game against Sunderland AFC after it already emerged on the website of Britain's Intellectual Property office on December 22.

Manchester City has teased the launch of the all-new club crest around the city of Manchester with the slogan "A Single Red Rose", placed within a circle, prior to the release of the logo.

Speaking of the new design, Manchester Football Historian Gary James, said: "This Club knows how important its heritage is to its fans and it has ensured that those fans being consulted were fully aware of the history behind its previous symbols and I was privileged to play a part in that process with my lectures.

I am most pleased that what has emerged, is a badge that can be described as a modern original – a badge that is authentic to the club and to the city, but with future facing touches. It respects and echoes badges that have come before it, but is not a pastiche of them. Personally I am also thrilled that for the first time, the club's birthdate is featured. What a perfect statement about how long this club has been around and how far it has come."

New Manchester City Crest

This is the new Manchester City crest, set to be used from the start of the 2016-17 season.

The new Manchester City crest features a triangular shape and includes the lettering Manchester City, the founding year 1894 as well as a single red rose and a sailing boat. It combines the main color white with navy, light blue and golden to create a clean design.

Manchester City's new crest, which is set to be used from the start of the 2016-2017 season, boasts strong similarities to the famous crest of the past. It is especially remarkably similar to the logo Man City used until 1997.

Manchester City's new crest is not only inspired by the old ones, it also comes with the same style as the logos used by the other clubs of the City Football Group (New York City FC, Melbourne City FC).

Joe Hart, Man City's longest-serving player said: "I am really looking forward to wearing it. It's something new. This is what I love about this club and the journey I have been on since I've been here. There have always been new and exciting things and every one of them positive It's no different with this badge. I think it's great."

Howard Bernstein, CEO of Manchester City Council said: "What I find particularly pleasing is how much the words Manchester and City stand out on this badge. With the inclusion of three evocative regional symbols of the ship, the rivers and the rose, there is no doubting that is a badge for a club that is heavily tied to the city in which it resides and to which it has given so much."

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