New Queens Park Rangers Crest Revealed

Sunday, 15 May 2016
Update: English Championship club Queens Park Rangers revealed their new crest after they allowed all fans to vote for the new QPR crest from four options that were based on the feedback from an initial survey and various meetings with the Supporters Consultation Committee.

QPR's new crest

QPR's new crest features a much cleaner design than the previous logo

QPR crest history

Queens Park Rangers Crest Vote

QPR allows all fans to vote for the upcoming QPR crest.

Option One - 1975 Monogram

The QPR wordmark in option 1 is a play on the style of the 1975 crest. The font is the same as our current crest. The objective with this crest option was to create a crest, which was retro but at the same time aesthetically modern.

Option Two - 1982 Monogram Edit

The QPR wordmark in option 2 is a play on the style of the 1982 QPR crest. The font, as is the case in option one, is the same as our current crest. The objective with this crest option, was to create a crest that was clean and defined and had connotations to the 1982 crest.

Option Three - Superhoops Monoline

Option 3 is a new identity, and is built around full hoops, which are the clubs core equity, as well as QPR’s nickname. There is a fantastic opportunity to express our Hoops nickname in our branding and graphic communications, by creating a crest that is distinctive through ownable visual language.

Option Four - Superhoops Monoline With Crown

The main body of option 4 is the same as option 3, with the added crown in, keeping with the full hoops concept by creating a symbol that follows the same methodology through the intertwining of three full hoops.

Much more classic than the current crest. What do you think of the four options that Queens Park Rangers is offering? Let us know in the comments below, and click here to vote for new crest.
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