Recap: All Nike Packs of the Year

As Nike has completed its football boot operations for this year, let's take a look at all the different, more or less well-known packs released by the Swoosh throughout the last twelve months.

In total, Nike released ten football boot packs over the year, ranging from the understated cool of the Academy Pack to the utterly bold Intense Heat and Lightning Storm collections.

Nike Shine Through Collection

Nike kicked off things with the classy Shine Through Collection. Inspired by the first white football boots which started popping up in the 1970s, Nike designed low-key paint jobs for the Hypervenom, Magista, Mercurial and Tiempo boots.

All four boots included in the Nike Shine Through Collection feature a white upper, while the colors of the respective follow-up boots were utilized as highlight accents in the Swoosh and sole plates.

Nike Highlight Pack

The Nike Shine Through Collection proved very popular among professionals and amateurs alike and was in use for almost four months. Previewed with the accent colors of the white pack, the Nike Highlight Pack was unveiled in early February, but only worn by players participating in the latter stages of the Champions League.

Nike Intense Heat Pack

If anybody thought things couldn't get more striking after this, Nike was ready to prove everyone wrong with the Intense Heat Pack. This time, the inspiration lay in the intensity of the critical part of the season, resulting in very saturated, bold colorways for all boots.

All four of the bright uppers are united by the same color-shifting Swoosh. The lenticular effect on the Swoosh creates depth and variance in its color, which appeared prominently purple on the pitch.

Nike Academy Pack

In stark contrast to everything unveiled so far, Nike launched the all-black Academy Pack in April. Inspired by blackout test boots, as well as black boot rules so common at different pro club academies, the four boots launched as part of the Nike Academy Pack featured only subtle Volt details on the sole plate and insole.

Proving to be one of the most popular pack of the year, the Nike Academy Pack was even re-issued later on, this time including the meanwhile-released Nike Hypervenom II.

Nike Silver Storm Collection

For the summer, Nike had something different in mind altogether. The boots of the Nike Silver Storm Collection boasted understated Wolf Grey uppers and included the second generation of the Nike Hypervenom for the first time.

Once again giving a hint at the colors to come, the Nike Silver Storm Collection boots featured bold, colorful brandings.

Nike Lightning Storm Pack

The Silver Storm evolved to a Lightning Storm in July, brining the world utterly bold paint jobs for the Nike Hypervenom, Magista, Mercurial and Tiempo. Interestingly, the Nike Lightning Storm Pack had two different colors for the Hypervenom, one orange and one green, with the latter being exclusive to the silo's cover boy Neymar.

Nike Tech Craft

In August, Nike stepped into the unknown, releasing a totally new kind of football boots. The cleats of the Nike Tech Craft Collection were based on the Nike Lightning Storm Pack colorways, while a thin black layer of kangaroo-leather was stitched onto the synthetic material in the forefoot part.

By doing this, Nike aimed to recreate the sublime touch of an actual leather boot and mix it with the technological and durability advantages of modern, synthetic materials.

Nike Electro Flare Pack

For its penultimate regular soccer cleat pack of the year, the Electro Flare Pack, Nike once again prepared a set of unprecedented and bold looks. The boots of the Nike Electro Flare Pack combine two-color uppers with bold Volt splash effects, designed to stand out on the pitch.

Nike Tech Craft Volt Collection

In November, Nike updated the Tech Craft Collection with new Volt / Canvas paint jobs. Definitely an eye-catching and unusual design, the Volt Tech Craft Collection didn't receive any on-pitch player support.

Nike Liquid Chrome Pack

Just recently, Nike closed up its cycle of 2015 boot releases with the launch of the Liquid Chrome Pack, featuring shiny, reflective uppers inspired by liquid chrome, the most reflective material there is. The first-ever Nike Tiempo Legend VI colorway is part of the collection, although arguably it doesn't really fit in with the rest.

One year, ten football boot packs. Which one of Nike's 2015 boot collections is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.