The Truly One-of-a-Kind Kit(s) Worn in An All Stars Game in Kuwait

More than 10 different kits for one team. On Thursday night, Kuwait won the Champions Cup, beating a global side of ex-international stars, 4-2. And while the result of the match was anything but relevant for us, it were the one-of-a-kind kit(s) that caught our attention.

While a team usually receives just two different jerseys for one match (one kit for the goalkeeper and one kit for the "outfield" players), someone in Kuwait had the quite revolutionary idea to equip the International All Stars with kits that represent they country they are from, respectively. And while we are still utterly interested to find out how he had this amazing idea, let's get straight into the 'revolutionary' jerseys.

International All Stars Kits

Here are all the different kits of the International All Stars Selection.

Based on the simplistic Nike Park V Derby Jersey, the kits worn by the International All Stars players boast a vertical stripe on the front that includes the flag of the country the players are from respectively.

The unique vertical stripe is outlined with a golden border, and the numbers of the kits are also gold. Apart from that, there is virtually nothing more interesting to say about the kits.

However, whereas the kits for the so-called outfield players are white, the shirts worn by goalkeepers David James and Jens Lehmann are black, boasting the flags of England (David James) and Germany (Jens Lehmann), respectively.

Kuwait All Stars

Here is the kit of the Kuwait All Stars.

Whereas the International All Stars actually played with more than ten different kits, it's logical that the Kuwait All Stars entered the pitch in the common number of kits (2). The kits worn by the Kuwait All Stars combine the main color blue with white applications and a golden All Stars logo, while boasting the Kuwaiti flag on the front.

Like the kits worn by the International All Stars, the blue and white Kuwait All Stars Kit also featured golden numbers to make a bold statement.

We've never seen something similar before. What do you think of the truly one-of-a-kind kits? Let us know in the comments below.