Totally New Puma evoTOUCH 2016-2017 Boots Leaked - All Tech Info, Players, Versions, Price and Release Date

Five days ago, the first prototype of an all-new Puma silo has been leaked online. And while we could already reveal that the totally new Puma Boots for the 2016-2017 season will be called Puma evoTOUCH and could also provide the first tech info, we have now gathered all detailed tech specifications of the all-new control cleats. So let's get straight into the all-new Puma evoTOUCH.

Set to be released in time for the 2016-17 season, the all-new Puma evoTOUCH 2016 Football Boots will hit stores in July 2016. As Puma will keep their two other cutting-edge silos (Puma evoPOWER, Puma evoSPEED), the Puma evoTOUCH Soccer Boot will be the third Puma boot silo worn by their high-profile players. So who will wear which boots from the 2016-17 season?

Players such as Marco Reus and Sergio Agüero, who are famous for their high-speed football, will continue to wear the Puma evoSPEED. Players such as Mario Balotelli and Olivier Giroud, whose game is dominated by power, will logically continue to wear the Puma evoPOWER. But between power and speed there is actually a remarkable gap that will be closed by the third silo: Control. It is only logical that Puma's midfielders such as Marco Verratti, who currently wears the quite unsuitable Puma evoSPEED, and Cesc Fàbregas (currently Puma evoPOWER) will make the move to the all-new Puma evoTOUCH Soccer Cleat.

The Puma King, which unfortunately is not worn by the best Puma players anymore, completes the perfect line-up - at least on the paper.

Puma evoTOUCH 2016 Football Boots - Tech Info

The Puma evoTOUCH 2016 Soccer Cleats feature a super soft and ultra-thin premium Kangaroo leather upper. Stitched on the sock-like design of the boots, the K-leather upper comes without the traditional stitching of leather boots. It is made to offer perfect ball control in all weather conditions while being extremely light.

Puma combines the Kangaroo leather upper of the Puma evoTOUCH Cleats with an all-new evoKNIT sock that is made to offer comfort trough a barefoot like feel. Constructed from one yarn and featuring a 360° approach, the Puma evoKNIT sock even allows the players to wear the shoes barefoot.

Interestingly, the new Puma evoTOUCH 2016 Boots also feature Puma's renowned GripTex technology for optimal grip inside the shoe. However, the whole upper concept of the boots is funnily enough almost identical to the leather version of the Nike Magista Obra Boot, the Nike Magista Obra Tech Craft.

So it sounds only logical that the sole plate concept of the Puma evoTOUCH 2016 Soccer Boots is actually identical to the one of the Nike Magista. The Puma evoTOUCH 2016 Football Boot features conical studs for rotational agility, combined with an external heel counter for more stability. To stand out from other control boots, the outsole of the all-new Puma evoTOUCH 2016-2017 Boots features a SpeedTrack spine for enhanced speed.

The Puma evoTOUCH 2016 Kangaroo Leather Boots weighs in at approximately 200 gram, which makes them about as heavy as the Nike Magista Obra.

The best version of the Puma evoTOUCH silo will be called "Puma evoTOUCH PRO" (retail price: ~250 Euro, 250 USD, 185 GBP), while the lower tier-models will be called Puma evoTOUCH 1, evoTOUCH 2 and evoTOUCH 3. The first-ever colorway of the Puma evoTOUCH Boots will be released in July 2016.

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