Galatasaray 16-17 Third Kit Released

The new Galatasaray 16-17 third kit introduces an interesting design with an eye-catching gradient from purple to grey all over the body. Made by Nike, the Galatasaray 2016-2017 third jersey was released on September 30, 2016.

Galatasaray 16-17 Third Kit

This is the new Nike Galatasaray third shirt.

Just like in the last two years, Nike again unveiled bold third kits for its premier teams, all based on a single template. Based on the same overall design as the new Barcelona, Inter and Manchester City third jerseys, the Galatasaray 2016-17 third kit is purple and fades towards grey at the bottom.

The shorts of the Galatasaray 16-17 third kit are grey to continue the gradient from the shirt, but an alternative purple version is set to be available, too. The Galatasaray 2016-2017 third kit socks are also available in both colors.

A very strict club regarding its kit colors, Galatasaray last wore a purple kit in the 2014-15 season, when the Galatasaray third jersey was purple and orange. Compared to then, the purple used for the Galatasaray 2016-2017 third shirt is darker and less vibrant.

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Purple and grey. Do you like the new Galatasaray 16-17 third shirt? Drop us a line below.