More Than Unique | Introducing the 10 Possible Ethiopia 2016 Home and Away Kits

Melbourne-based company AMS Clothing, who makes the kits for 'small' African countries such as South Sudan, is set to become the new shirt supplier of the Ethiopian national football team. And while Ethiopia currently wears standard Adidas kits, AMS Clothing has shown off five possible designs for the upcoming Ethiopia 2016 Home and Away Kits, respectively.

Ethiopia 2016 Home Kit Options

Ethiopian national team defender Gatoch Panom shows off two of the possible Ethiopia 2016 Home Jerseys.

Ranging from quite understated to extremely bold, the five possible design for the first-ever AMS Ethiopia Home Shirt have one thing i common. They are all unique and therefore well worth a closer look.

Ethiopia 2016 Away Kit Options

Here are the five possible design of the new Ethiopia 2016 Away Kit.

Boasting the same designs as the possible home shirts, AMS' options for the new Ethiopia Away Kit combine the main color white with the countries famous green, yellow and red.

Which kits would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.