All-New Premier League Logo Unveiled - Sleeve Patch Revealed

Update: We've updated this post with more application examples and images of the all-new Premier League logo, including the new Premier League 2016-17 sleeve patch.

2016-17 Premier League sleeve patch

The new Premier League 2016-2017 logo was officially revealed today. It boasts an all-new look that that includes a modern take on the lion icon, created in partnership with global agency DesignStudio and Robin Brand Consultants.

Premier League's video that provides a snapshot of how the Premier League will look and feel in 2016/17, with more to come ahead of next season.

2016-2017 Premier League logo

This is the new Premier League logo from the 2016-17 season onwards.

The new Premier League logo for the 2016-17 season onwards features an all-new design that comes without Barclays name after Premier League announced to remain sponsorless from the 2016-17 season.

"From next season we will move away from title sponsorship and the competition will be known simply as the Premier League, a decision which provided the opportunity to consider how we wanted to present ourselves as an organisation and competition," Premier League Managing Director, Richard Masters, said.

"We are very pleased with the outcome: a visual identity which is relevant, modern and flexible that will help us celebrate everyone that makes the Premier League.

"We look forward to sharing more details of our new positioning in the coming months."

A new look for the Premier League

From next season, the Premier League is going to look a little bit different...

Posted by Premier League on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

DesignStudio Founder and CEO, Paul Stafford, said that the release was just the start with a lot more to come from the Premier League before the new season begins.

"Our aim was to create an identity that acknowledges everyone who plays a part in one of the most exciting leagues in the world," Stafford said. "And with a fresh, new take on the iconic Lion, we’ve created an identity that’s purpose-built for the demands of the modern world. While staying true to the Premier League’s history and heritage."

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