Mexican Nike Magista? Introducing the Court 422 Football Boots

Mexican brand Court released their first-ever football boot featuring a Dynamic Fit collar, the 'Court 422'. And while other brands such as Kappa just copied Nike's revolutionary control football boot, the Court 422 Soccer Cleats feature a bespoke design (story via abcdefutbol).

Court 422 Boots / Silver / Black / Orange

This is the Court 422 Soccer Cleat.

Boasting a high-cut collar, the Court 422 Soccer Boots combine the main colors silver and black with striking orange applications. The boot comes with a unique black graphic pattern on the upper, whereas the sole plate is solid white and black.

While the design is easy to describe, it's much more complicated to say something about the tech info as there is no official information available. However, it's easy to say that the Court 422 Football Boots follow a similar concept as Adidas' and Nike's high-cut soccer cleats.

The Court 422 Boot features a sock-like collar and a tongue-less design for a sock-like fit. The upper is made from a synthetic material, and the sole plate looks like a standard TPU plate. The materials look cheaper than those used by the giants of the industry (especially the laces). But that's just logical as the Court 422 Football Boot is reported to retail at just 800 MXN (~44 USD, ~40 Euro, ~30 GBP), which is much cheaper than all of Nike's and Adidas' sock-like boots.

A solid Dynamic Fit collar boot at an affordable price. What's your verdict on the 'Mexican Nike Magista'? Let us also know in the comments below if you know more about the boots.