MLS Reveals All-New Stars System

Major League Soccer has finally explained how their new stars system works after LA Galaxy revealed their new primary jersey with a small, but significant change. Over the crest, where the team previously sported five stars, there's now just one gold star for their five MLS Cup wins. So how does the new 2016 Major League Soccer stars system works?

MLS 2016 Stars System

Here's how the new Major League Soccer Stars System works.

MLS' new stars system is quite complicated, and the league therefore provided a chart that perfectly explains their brand-new stars system. We'll nevertheless provide some examples of how the new MLS star system works.

In example, if a team has won five championships (LA Galaxy are so far the only club with five Cup titles), all the silver stars disappear in favor of one gold star. If a team has won their first-ever MLS cup, they will sport one golden star as defending champions. And if Portland Timbers would also win this year's MLS cup, they will again rock a golden star, plus a silver star for their previous title.

Major League Soccer also explained on their website how the new star system works:

The season following a team's MLS Cup championship, [defending champions] will sport the large gold star on their jersey. The star will also include the year of their title. They'll will also sport a silver star under that for any previous MLS Cup championships, up to four silver stars total. If they don't win another Cup title, then the following year, they'll revert to a silver star for each win.

What do you think of Major League Soccer's stars system? Let us know in the comments below, and also check out Bundesliga's stars system that is even much more complicated.