Seattle Sounders FC 2016 Home and Third Kits Teased

Major League Soccer club Seattle Sounders yesterday revealed the first sneak peak of one of their new jerseys for 2016. And while the club just revealed a black and white picture of their brand-new kit, we will try to give you as much info about the kits as possible.

Seattle Sounders 2016 Kit Teaser Revealed

This is the first teaser of Seattle Sounders' 2016 jersey.

In contrast to all other MLS clubs, Seattle Sounders will launch two new jerseys for the 2016 season. Seattle Sounders will carry over their 2015 away jersey, while they will both launch a new home and third jersey.

As the first teaser image of the Seattle Sounders is grayed out, it's not possible to say with 100% clarity if it's mainly showing the new home or third kit. However, Footy Headlines understands that the image is in fact showing both kits, while the major parts of the image show the third jersey. So, if we sum up all the information available, what can we already said about both kits?

The new Seattle Sounders 2016 Home Jersey will combine the traditional rave green and navy colors of the club. It will also feature small pinstripes. Seattle Sounders' 2016 Third Jersey will be mainly grey with light blue applications. It will - extremely likely - a unique graphic pattern that can be seen on the image on the left side of the Adidas logo.

Do you look forward to Seattle Sounders' 2016 Home and Third Jerseys? Let us know in the comments below, and also check out the leaked Seattle Sounders 2016 Training Jerseys.