Bold Next-Gen New Balance Furon 2016 Boots Released

New Balance today launched the second generation of its Furon football boot silo. The New Balance Furon 2.0 Cleats were introduced with a striking pink, navy and yellow paint job.

Next-Gen New Balance Bright Cherry / Galaxy / Firefly

This is the launch colorway for the next-generation New Balance Furon Boot.

Combining a pinkish-red main color with navy and yellow, the second-gen New Balance Furon 2016 Boot is designed to stand out. The boot shows a white New Balance branding on the outstep, while the NB branding on the instep is navy. The sole plate of the boots is mainly yellow, whereas the heel area comes with an interesting three-colored look that reminds us a bit of the German flag.

Tech-wise, the pink, yellow and navy New Balance Furon 2016-2017 Boot features the same concept as the first generation. The new Balance Furon Boot is engineered for maximum speed featuring a ultra-lightweight, one-piece synthetic upper and a ultra-thin sole plate with remarkable small studs. In the midfoot area of the boot is New Balance's thin Fantom Fit element that is made for additional support and more stability.

The pink, navy and yellow New Balance Furon 2016 Boots paint job is expected to be released together with the white, red and blue launch edition in April / May 2016 at a similar price as the first generation.

What do you think of the bold launch colorway of the next-generation New Balance Furon Soccer Cleats? Let us know in the comments below and check out all tech details of the next-gen boots here