Nike Unveils All-New Vapor Kits with AeroSwift Technology

Anticipating its major international kit releases on March 17 (Brazil, England, France, Portugal and the United States will all drop), Nike today gave the public a first glimpse at the totally new kit technology coming to use for the first time in this set of uniforms.

“We did extensive research with players on what their ultimate future uniform would entail and themes started to emerge around fit, breathability and a superhero aesthetic,” says Martin Lotti, Nike’s Creative Director. “Once we visualized what was possible, we aggressively accelerated bringing the future forward with a complete system of dress built for speed.”

Starting immediately after launching the 2014 World Cup kits, Nike began to test "hundreds of yarns" to find the perfect fit to provide "breathability sans opacity." AerowSwift yarn was chosen. “We got right down to the filament level, “ continues Lotti, “and re-mastered it for a texturized surface that helps disband moisture better.”

Nike Vapor kit facts (compared to current Nike kits)

  • 10% lighter
  • 50% more stretch
  • wicks away sweat 20% faster
  • dries 25% faster

The construction of the kits was also overhauled from the ground, with the design teams taking cues from the Flyknit technology. “We learned a lot – and were very inspired by – Nike Flyknit and how it has advanced footwear,” says Lotti. “We took a similar approach to these garments and then took it to another level for a full body in motion under a variety of conditions.”

This complete revamp also means that for the first time, the shorts are made of the same material as the shirt, allowing for much better stretch and improved freedom of movement compared to conventional knit shorts. “Of all the positive player feedback we have received,” says Lotti, “they were most excited about the short. It is drastically more comfortable than anything they have previously experienced.” Worked into the shorts is a included flat-finish waistband that eliminates the need for a drawstring.

Using a combination of single and double knit, the former for areas that require breathability, the latter for parts of the uniform that need more structure, the all-new Nike Vapor kits boast a superhero aesthetic and a reworked fit. “We were focused on the right fit, not a tight fit,” says Lotti, “It was important to reduce grab areas while also ensuring the garment did not ride up. Player feedback on this fit has been phenomenal.”

Another standout feature of Nike's new soccer jerseys are the sleeves. They are knitted from the collar to the cuffs and also feature a cross-dye coloring for an added splash of color.

“These are national team kits, so we wanted to ensure each country’s unique pride elements were knitted directly into the uniform,” says Lotti. Each sleeve can be flipped up to reveal words of national pride knitted right in. For example, the England kit has “Three” and “Lions” inside its sleeves paying homage to England’s iconic crest.

Last but not least, the federation crests on the new Nike Vapor national team kits have transitioned form traditional woven style to a "flat and seamless silicon mesh combination". Once again, the inside of the shirts below the badges will feature "nationally significant pride points that will be the last thing the player sees while pulling the jersey on before a match."

The Nike Vapor kit technology will be debuted later today with the launch of the new national team kits for Brazil, England, France, Portugal and many more. Set to be available to purchase shortly afterwards, Nike's new kits will also mark the first time fans will be able to buy authentic variants of the shorts and socks, as worn by the players.

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