St.Pauli Kit Designer eldejo Creates Sensational Kit For Ex-Colleague

This is extraordinary. Jason Lee, who is known as eldejo in the kit game, has created an one-of-a-kind jersey for his friend and ex-colleague Fabio Shae that boasts lots of references and inside jokes.

eldejo Creates Special Kit For Ex-Colleague

Here is the special kit that eldejo created for his ex-colleague and friend @fabio_schae.

Drawing inspiration from 9gag to fuzzy little creatures to dating app tinder to German 2. Bundesliga club Arminia Bielefeld, the special eldejo kit features a baby blue main color while boasting a unique all-over graphic print that shows fuzzy creatures. The front of the unique shirt comes with the tinder logo, while a slightly modified version of Arminia's crest is placed on the left chest area.

On the back of the jersey, which is based on a regular Hummel template, is the number 9 as well as the nickname of his friend who left Hummel for 'greener pastures in Switzerland'.

This is really an one-of-a-kind gift. Would you also like to get such a unique kit as present? Let us know in the comments below.