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Under Armour Speedform Batman v Superman Boots Released

The new Under Armour Speedform Batman v Superman 2016 Football Boots are the complete opposite of the brand's infamous Mothers' Days Tulips Boots. Themed on the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, the stunning Under Armour Speedform Cleats were launched on March 19, 2016.

Under Armour Speedform Batman 2016 Edition - Black / Yellow

This is the special Under Armour Batman Boot.

Boasting a unique design, the new Under Armour Speedform Batman Football Boot combines the colors grey, black and yellow, inspired by the logo and the famous suit of the superhero. The upper boasts a unique all-over graphic print that includes various illustrations and letterings such as Dark Night. On the heel area is Batman's logo.

The Speedform Batman 2016 Boot comes with the same tech features as always. The Under Armour Speedform Boots has a ultra-thin and lightweight microfiber upper that includes an articulated toe box. It's a boot that is made both for speed and unrivaled comfort.

Under Armour Speedform Superman Edition - Steel / Black / Red

This image shows the bold Under Armour Speedform Superman Football Boots.

Allowing fans to choose either side, Under Armour also launched a Superman-themed Under Armour Speedform Boot. Colored predominantly gray, the Under Armour Speedform Superman Cleats feature bold red accents and the iconic S logo on the heel.

The Under Armour Speedform 2016 Batman v Superman Soccer Cleats retail at the same price as the standard colorways (220 USD, 220 Euro, 160 GBP).

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