World's First Cricket Football Boots Revealed

Introducing the first-ever Cricket Football Boots. While the big brands such as Adidas, New Balance, Nike and Puma have not tried yet to bring their soccer cleats to cricket, there seems to be a demand for football boots suitable to play cricket with. And as every demand creates a supply, there is logically even a supplier that creates custom cricket football shoes.

Introducing The Custom Cricket Football Boots by CCS

This is the Nike Tiempo Legend VI Cricket Edition.

Created by the "world's leading cricket shoe spiking modifications company" Custom Cricket Shoes, the football cricket boots are the same as the standard version apart from the sole plate. While footballers need a sole plate suitable to play on football pitches, cricket players logically need a sole plate that meets the specific needs of a cricket player. The Cricket Football Boot therefore comes with cricket spikes with carbon-steel case-hardened tips instead of the much softer sole plate of an usual soccer cleat.

Is there anything else that can be said about the 'Cricket Football Boots'? Yes. Custom Cricket Shoes offers a range of different sole plates for cricket players (that's logical even if you are no cricket specialist), the Australia-based company also offers custom golf and Lawn Bowls boots featuring sole plates suitable for the needs of the respective sport.

What do you think of the Cricket Football Boots? Would you also like to play with your football boots if you play other sports such as cricket or American football? Let us know in the comments below.