Yohan Mollo Receives Unique Nike Mercurial Batman and Joker Boots

KS Samara midfielder Yohan Mollo, who plays for the Russian club on loan from French club Saint-Etienne since the start of the season, has received a unique custom version of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 Boots from a friend who creates custom sneakers and football boots as part of customization service Yzy Custom.

Custom Nike Mercurial Vapor Batman and Joker Boots

Here are the boots that were created by Yzy Custom.

Designed to make a bold statement on the pitch, it's almost impossible to mention all the details of the boots as they are completely unique. The right shoe features a Batman theme that includes the Batman logo on the heel area, while the shoe predominately boasts Batman's face on the toe box area. The left shoe comes with the same design concept but boasts a Joker-inspired theme that includes even more details then the Batman one.

However, Mollo has not debuted the bold boots yet but laced up in the standard Nike Mercurial Vapor X Bright Mango Boots in Samara's first match after the winter break.

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