New AC Milan Logo Leaked

AC Milan will soon unveil an all-new club crest that is set to make its debut on the new Milan 16-17 home kit. The Milan 2016-2017 jersey will be launched in early May.

New AC Milan Logo From 2016-17

This is a close-up of the new Milan jersey including the totally new Milan crest, next to the old logo.

Roughly inspired by the "old" Milan 16-17 badge, the new Milan logo retains the traditional shape as well as composition. The iconic Rossoneri stripes are visible on the left side, with St George's Cross on the other side, with the overall shape drawing inspiration from the Casa Milan logotype. Last but not least, the black outline of the original design is replaced by a gold one.

The font used by Milan for player names and numbers throughout the last few years replaces the typeface appears for a Milan writing at the top of the shape and a 1899 at the bottom.

Interestingly, the redesigned crest only appears on the authentic version of the new Milan home kit, with all replica variants instead featuring the traditional logo. Thus, it's not yet clear if the new Milan crest will be used globally by the club from now on or end up as a one-off idea.

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