Cameroon 16-17 Home Kit | World's First Puma evoKNIT Kit On-Pitch Debut

Cameroon yesterday became the world's first team to show off the all-new Puma evoKNIT 2016-17 jersey. Debuted just a few hours after the official launch, Cameroon lost their first match with the jersey against France with 2-3.

Cameroon 16-17 Home Kit - On-Pitch Debut

Whereas the last Cameroon shirt featured Puma's ACTV technology, the Cameroon 2016-17 kit uses the brand-new Puma's evoKNIT technology. Designed to offer improved comfort and cooling, the Puma evoKNIT kit for the very first time allows for a completely seamless torso construction. However, the fit of the jersey is very similar to that one of France's cutting-edge Aeroswift kit.

Apart from the technology, the Cameroon 2016 Africa Cup jersey also stood out because of the stunning design that includes various traditional elements of the West-African country.

What are your thoughts on the new Cameroon kit and Puma's Aeroswift technology? Do you prefer it over Nike's Aeroswift kit? Let us know in the comments below.