Ibrahimovic to Launch Own Sports Brand

Following his exit from Paris Saint-Germain, superstar forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic has teased the launch of his own sportswear brand, named "A-Z".

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's A-Z Will Launch June 7

Although not a lot has been disclosed at the first announcement, the name of the brand is short for "amateur to Zlatan" and could, alongside Ibrahimovic's quotes, be interpreted as a focus on training wear. Additionally, the quote and imagery used could hint at the use of understated designs and a fair price point, but that's to be seen once more info gets released.

This brand is for all you fighters. Every single one of you who knows that nothing is settled during a game, but rather in the 7 million minutes before it even starts. The hours you need to get stronger. Faster. Greater.

What do you expect from Zlatan Ibrahimovic's A-Z Sportswear? Let us know in the comments below.