Leicester City 16-17 Home Kit Released

The new Leicester City 2016-17 kit introduces an understated design in a similar vain as the last few Puma Leicester City jerseys. Certain to be most popular Leicester City shirt ever following the club's unprecedented Premier League win, the new Leicester City kit was unveiled at midnight, May 6, and could be debuted in this weekend's Premier League game against Everton.

Leicester City 16-17 Home Kit

This is the new Leicester City home jersey.

Once again, the Leicester City home kit combines a blue base with golden accents to create a classy design. Specifically, the Puma logos on the chest and shoulders of the Leicester 16-17 home jersey, as well as two lines that run down each sleeve, are colored in gold.

Last but not least, the front of the new Leicester City kit shows a subtle striping pattern that was first seen on the Slovakia Euro 2016 away shirt.

Blue shorts and socks, both with gold detailing, complete the iconic look of the new Puma Leicester City 2016-2017 home kit.

Perhaps the most important feature of the new Leicester City shirt is however the Premier League winners' badge, which will be placed on the sleeves. In fact, Leicester City's 16-17 kit is the first to boast the redesigned Premier League sleeve badge in the white-and-gold winners edition.

Leicester City captain Wes Morgan said of the new kit: "Yet again it’s a fantastic kit. They’ve used great colours, the material is fantastic and it really breathes, which is what you need when you’re out there on the pitch. I like the trim and the little subtle touches – it all adds to a fantastic shirt."

While the new Leicester 16-17 shirt will be available to buy instore from 9AM on May 6, fans will have to wait until May 25 to be able to buy it online.

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