Oblak Shows Off Striking Unreleased Nike Goalkeeper Gloves in Champions League Final

Atlético shot stopper Jan Oblak put on a masterclass in last night's Champions League final, but it was not only his performance that got people talking, his goalkeeper gloves were also incredibly eye-catching, and unreleased to boot.

Jan Oblak Debuts Unreleased Nike GK Premier SGT Gloves

Here are two close-ups of the gloves worn by Oblak, from the last training before the final.

Apparently based on the Nike GK Premier SGT glove model, the Oblak's goalkeeper gloves boast a striking gradient all-over print, fading from pink at the cuffs towards fluorescent yellow at the fingers. They feature a black Swoosh, smaller than on the retail version due to UEFA's rules, while the ContactFoam on the inside is colored in solid yellow.

Tech-wise, the Nike Premier SGT gloves use bio-align technology in order to reduce stress on the hands, while the aforementioned ContactFoam is used for improved grip in all weather conditions.

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