Premier League Bans Striped Backs

In a move that is sure to disappoint supporters, the Premier League is set to start enforcing more rigid rules regarding number legibility, in line with UEFA's efforts in the competitions it governs.

As a number of teams have already launched their 16-17 kits, including Stoke City and West Bromwich, who both sport striped shirts, the new rules can already be seen in action. Trying to explain the change to its fans, Stoke City even issued a short statement on the matter:

"As the Premier League are looking to introduce a rule to enforce squad number visibility to complement UEFA’s rules for clubs playing in European competition, we have incorporated a white panel on the reverse of the shirt." - Stoke City statement

West Bromwich and Stoke City 16-17 home shirts, back view

Quite a few other teams could be effected from the rules change, including recently promoted Hull City, as well as Bournemouth, Southampton and Sunderland from last season.

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