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Nike Updates Hypervenom Phantom II iD Boots

After the brand reverted to the iconic upper of the first generation of the boots with the launch of the 'Spark Brilliance' colorway last months, Nike has followed this up by switching to the original upper on the Nike iD Hypervenom Phantom II football boots.

Nike iD Hypervenom Phantom II Receives Original Honeycomb Upper

Check out the 'new' Nike Hypervenom Phantom II iD in action below.

The honeycomb-like upper of the 'new' Nike Hypervenom 2 cleats is designed to offer improved ball control and an easier break-in period compared to the original Nike Hypervenom 2 skin.

“The upper of the Hypervenom II takes a bit longer to break-in than the Hypervenom I,” said Max Blau, VP Nike Football Footwear, on the launch of the yellow Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Copa America and Euro boots. “We provide new boots to our professional players so frequently that we shifted to the Hypervenom I material to ease the break-in period. We want all players to have what the best players in the world are wearing, so we are bringing the Hypervenom I upper back.”

In addition of changing the upper, Nike has also added the possibility to alter the color of the heightened Dynamic Fit collar on the Hypervenom Phantom II. Whereas the collar was always black previously, it can now also be switched to blue and red, allowing for more different and new designs to be created.

Let us know what you think of the new features available for the NIKEiD Hypervenom Phantom II cleats in the comments section below.