2016 Rio Olympics Kits to Feature No Adidas Stripes

The jerseys of the 2016 Rio Olympics of teams such as Germany will be very different to the kits used in tournaments like the Euro due to Rule 50 of IOC's Olympics Charta. Then while federations like the UEFA and FIFA allow manufactures to have their logos and brand identities on various different places, the clothing rules of the 2016 Rio Olympics are much stricter than those of the football federations.

2016 Olympics Kits to Feature Only One Manufacturer Logo

Denmark's 2016 Olympics kit comes without Hummel's Chevrons on the sleeves due to updated regulations.

However, while it was still allowed to have several different logos on different places at the 2012 Olympics, the updated clothing regulations of the 2016 Olympics allow brands just to place one small logo (up to 30 cm²) on the left chest area as well as one even smaller branding (up to 10 cm²) for the technology used for the product (such as Adizero for Adidas) on the shirt, shorts and socks, respectively. What does this mean for the kits of teams such as Brazil, Argentina and Germany?

Whereas the kits of teams sponsored by Nike will look the same as before, Adidas kits will go without the famous Three Stripes of the German brand, and Puma kits will just feature one Puma branding.

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