EA Guingamp 16-17 Home, Away and Third Kits Released

Ligue 1 club EA Guingamp today unveiled the new Guingamp 16-17 away kit, just in time for the Ligue 1 game at Monaco where it was used for the first time. The Guingamp 2016-17 home and away kits were launched in June. The new EA Guingamp 16-17 jerseys feature unique designs, again made by Patrick.

EA Guingamp 16-17 Home Kit

This is the new EA Guingamp 2016-2017 home jersey.

The mainly red EA Guingamp 2016-17 shirt comes with a unique black design on the front as well as black and white applications on the sleeves and the collar.

Black shorts and red socks complete the new EA Guingamp 2016-2017 home strip.

EA Guingamp 16-17 Away Kit

This is the new Guingamp away shirt.

Unveiled on August 12, the EA Guingamp 2016-2017 away uniform was debuted in that day's Ligue 1 opener at Monaco. Based on the same template as the previously unveiled home and third kits, the Guingamp 16-17 away jersey is predominantly black with a red stripe on the front, continued onto the all-red left sleeve.

In an exceptional move by the club, the Guingamp 2016-17 away shirt was made available at a 50% discount, limited to the time of the match.

It is paired with black shorts and socks.

EA Guingamp 16-17 Third Kit

This is the new EA Guingamp 2016-2017 third strip.

The EA Guingamp 16-17 third kit comes with the same design as the home shirt, just in white, black and red.

White shorts and socks are set to complete the look of the new Guingamp third strip.

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