Espanyol 16-17 Kits Revealed

Spanish brand Joma, official kit supplier of RCD Espanyol, today unveiled the club's new home and away kits for the upcoming 2016-17 La Liga season.

Espanyol 16-17 Home Kit

This is the new Joma Espanyol 2016-2017 home shirt.

The new Espanyol 2016-17 home jersey introduces a modern interpretation of the club's traditional blue-and-white striped design. A broad blue stripe that fades on the sides is placed in the center of the predominantly white front of the Espanyol 16-17 kit, while the sleeves and insets on both sides of the jersey are blue. An interestingly constructed neckline completes the smart look of the Espanyol 16-17 home shirt which is combined with blue shorts and white socks.

Espanyol 16-17 Away Kit

This is the new Espanyol away jersey.

Paying homage to Espanyol's home city of Barcelona, the Espanyol 2016-17 away shirt depicts the famous St George's Cross, present in both the flag and the coat of arms of Barcelona. Again, the sleeves and lateral insets are colored differently, red in this case. Last but not least, the Espanyol 2016-2017 away jersey comes with a more traditional collar, which additionally features a meravellosa minoria (Catalan for 'wonderful minority', a marketing phrase used by the club) writing on the inside.

Espanyol 16-17 Third Kit

This is the new Espanyol 2016-2017 third jersey.

Rounding off the set is the Espanyol 2016-17 third shirt. Designed to offer contrast to the two other, predominantly white jerseys, the Espanyol 16-17 third kit is black and pink, including interesting horizontal striping on the front.

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