Hummel Denmark 2016 Olympics Kit Released

Hummel just unveiled a special Denmark kit for the 2016 Olympics. Set to be worn at Denmark's participation at Rio's Olympics football tournament, the new Denmark 2016 Olympics jersey is made by Hummel instead of their previous shirt supplier Adidas after Denmark and Hummel announced a kit deal in January 2016.

Denmark 2016 Olympics Home Kit

This is the new Denmark 2016 Olympics jersey.

The Denmark 2016 Olympics shirt is red with a clean design that draws inspiration from the Danish flag. The new Denmark jersey has a unique collar, a white vertical stripe on the front, a glossy tonal red horizontal stripe on the chest area as well as one white stripe on each sleeve.

The most remarkable aspect of Denmark's 2016 Rio Olympics kit is the fact that it comes without Hummel's famous Chevron on the sleeves due to Olympics' regulations (More on that to follow shortly).

Red shorts and socks are expected to be worn together with the Denmark 2016 shirt to create an all-red look.

Do you like the new Denmark 2016 Olympics kit without Hummel's infamous Chevron? Let us know in the comments below.