Norwich City 16-17 Home and Away Kits Released

The new Norwich kits introduce classy designs. Made by Errea, the new Norwich City 16-17 away shirt was released today after the home shirt was already released two weeks ago, in time for a debut in the first pre-season game of the season.

Steve Balmer-Walters, Head of Retail at the Club said: "This year's home kit is a combination of historical kits from the Club's history mixed with a modern flair. With the mesh finish on the side of the shirts, shorts and socks, we have really focused this year on producing a lifestyle kit which has a complete look. The kit we've created for the 2016-17 season has a modern, stylish and retro feel and I believe the fans will love it as much as we do."

Norwich City 16-17 Home Kit

This is the new Errea Norwich City 2016-2017 home shirt.

The Norwich City home shirt is yellow, with the end of the sleeves, the collar and the side of the shirt offset in green.

Steve Stone, Norwich City’s Interim Chief Executive, commented: “I’m very happy with our new home kit for the 2016-17 season and I hope our fans will be pleased with it too."

The front of the new Errea Norwich City 16-17 home kit comes with a smaller Community Found sponsor logo than before.

The new Norwich City home kit is combined with green shorts and yellow socks.

Norwich City 16-17 Away Kit

This is the new Norwich City 2016-2017 away shirt.

The Norwich City home shirt is all-black with a yellow and green strip on the left side that runs from the top of the shirt to the socks. It is based on the same template as the home strip.

Steve Balmer-Walters, Head of Retail at the Club said: "For the away kit this year, we have blended the shirt, shorts and socks for a complete look, much like this year’s home kit. The kit is very clean and simple with a strong 70s and 80s Italian feel. I believe that our boys away from home will look ready to do battle and that’s what we wanted to achieve in this kit."

Steve Stone, Norwich City's Interim Chief Executive, commented: "I'm delighted with our new away kit for the 2016-17 season and I think it will be a hit with our fans. Once again, our retail team has designed a fantastic away kit for our players and fans to wear across the country away from home."

The new Norwich City away kit is combined with black shorts and socks.

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