Zenit 16-17 Away Kit Released

Zenit's 16-17 away kit introduces a bold design in ice blue and white, based on the same template as the home kit. The new Zenit Saint Petersburg 2016-2017 away shirt is made by Nike and features Gazprom as sponsor. It was released today at the oil production platform 'Prirazlomnaja', 60 kilometers away from the coast of the Nenets Autonomous District.

Zenit 16-17 Away Kit

This is the new Zenit 2016-2017 away shirt.

Based on the same template as the new home shirt, the Zenit 2016-17 away jersey combines a light, icy blue with white. The sleeves of the new Zenit away kit are solid ice blue, while the front and back show an elaborate striping pattern that combines the two main colors.

Last but not least, trim in a darker shade of blue is present on the sides of the Zenit 16-17 away shirt as well as on the collar. The back of the collar shows a writing of the team name in Cyrillic.

The shorts of the Zenit 2016-2017 away kit are ice blue.

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