2016-17 Premier League Kits Overview - All 16-17 Premier League Jerseys

With the squads finalizing and the start of the season less than a week away, what better time to take a last detailed look at the kits of the upcoming 2016-17 Premier League season. Thankfully, we got you covered. From Arsenal to West Ham, check out all (so far released) Premier League 2016-2017 kits below.


Made by Puma, the Arsenal 2016-17 home, away and third kits introduce unique designs, with the former two drawing inspiration from the club's successful 90s and 00s, respectively.


Once again, the new AFC Bournemouth kits are made by JD Sports. While the Bournemouth 2016-17 home kit boasts a classic design, both the Bournemouth away and third shirts feature more outgoing looks in blue and bright green, respectively.


Both the Burnley 2016-2017 home kit (claret) and the away kit (sky blue) feature clean designs, made by German brand Puma.


After the club and the German brand announced to cut their kit supplier deal short, the above-pictured Chelsea 16-17 jerseys are the last-ever bearing the iconic Adidas stripes for the foreseeable future. Nike is strongly rumored to be taking over the Chelsea shirt from the 2017-18 season.

Crystal Palace

Produced by Macron, the Crystal Palace 16-17 kits introduce smart designs that incorporate the club's colors in a clever way.


The Everton 16-17 home kit adds yellow detailing to the blue and white scheme, while a pattern on the hem and the back draws inspiration from the club's iconic Goodison Park home ground. The new Everton away kit is dark blue with salmon trim, inspired by one of the first jerseys worn by the club.

Hull City

Also made by Umbro, the Hull City 2016-17 home and away kits introduce similarly simplistic looks, with the former featuring an interesting color construction.

Leicester City

The kits for reigning champion Leicester City, again made by Puma, feature designs that are just as clean as those worn in the title-winning season. They are blue, red and white.


As both the new Liverpool home and away kits boasts clean and more or less traditional designs, the Liverpool 16-17 third kit introduces an insanely bright green as main color, combined with grey trim.

Manchester City

The only team in the league to be supplied by Nike, Manchester City's new home and away kits are both based on the brand's ubiquitous new template, while the (so far unreleased) Manchester Ci
2016-17 third kit combines orange and purple through a gradient.

Manchester United

Drawing inspiration from the club's very first shirt and the worker bees from the Manchester coat of arms, the Manchester United 2016-2017 kits by Adidas are fairly standard and are unlikely to offend anyone.


Produced by Adidas, the Middlesbrough 2016-2017 kits are based on the Three Stripes' miadidas teamwear range.


The new Southampton 2016-17 home and away kits are made by Under Armour for the first time as the US brand didn't hesitate to put its own stamp on the designs.

Stoke City

Both of Stoke City's new kits, made by Macron, introduce clean and traditional looks. They feature bet365 as sponsor.


Although they were created recycling earlier designs or using the miadidas templates, the new Sunderland 16-17 kits introduce designs that are fairly novel while not being too crazy.

Swansea City

Swansea's 2016-17 kits are made by Joma for the first time since taking over from Adidas. The Spanish brand opted to play it safe.

Tottenham Hotspur

Likely to be the last Tottenham kits to be made by Under Armour for the foreseeable future, the new set introduces gold in addition to white and navy, most notably on the Tottenham 2016-17 third kit.


The Watford 16-17 home and away kits are made by up-and-coming Canadian brand Dryworld and feature traditional designs.

West Bromwich Albion

Once again made by Adidas, the West Bromwich 16-17 kits feature subtle light blue and turquoise detailing, respectively.

West Ham United

Made by Umbro, West Ham's set for the 16-17 season once again consists of three unique, well-designed jerseys. It remains to be seen whether we'll see the interesting 'Thames Ironworks' third kit a lot during the regular season.

That's it. Which team's set for the 2016-2017 Premier League season does convince you the most? Drop us a line below.
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